Recruiting For Massive Growth

Business is booming, and you’re ready to expand your law firm. Whether you’re looking to go from a sole proprietorship to a partnership or further expand your already vast legal network, it is imperative that you select an attorney who fits in with your firm’s vision and culture.

Outlining Your Ideal Candidate
Before you hit up job fairs and law school campuses, it’s important to sketch out a basic idea of the type of lawyer you’d like to hire. Should this person have experience in a specific area of law? Are you willing to work with somebody fresh out of law school? Make one list detailing the bare minimum requirements, and another with qualities that your dream job candidate would possess. Determine which areas are absolutely essential—and where you’re willing to make allowances.

Where to Recruit
In today’s digital age, there are endless avenues for recruiting exceptional legal talent. However, while digital recruiting tools can be valuable, traditional search methods often prove most effective. Local law schools can be a great source of fresh talent, especially for associate attorneys and legal clerks. Other lawyers prefer to seek talent from bar associations and other professional organizations. Still others outsource the job to professional recruiters. There is no one source of talent that works best for every firm, so try visiting several locations and conducting a thorough online search. Keep track of outreach efforts to determine where you’re able to find the best candidates.

Website and Social Media Optimization
In addition to actively recruiting, prepare your online presence for any job seekers who may be interested in working for your firm. Optimize your web content to improve online visibility, and be sure to maintain an active presence on social media. Add a page to your website for job seekers, detailing the type of lawyer you’re looking for and how to proceed with the application process.

The right recruitment tools and techniques can help you land the best and brightest professionals in the legal industry.