Ethical Attorney Marketing.

Your Message to the Right Audience.

Whether you like to admit it or not, marketing is a key ingredient to your success. The notion that if you do a good job, all the clients you need will just show up at your door, is no longer true. Unlocking the true value of modern practice requires an intentional approach to generate new clients both digitally and through referrals. By bringing on Seamless Management Group, with a flick of a switch you will have a full-blown, proven marketing machine working for you, that covers digital marketing, content development, business development networking and event management. We’ll even consult on and/or manage the client intake process. A good balance of these disciplines will bring the leads in fast.

And you know what else? You don’t have to worry about ethical issues in marketing. Our Ethical Attorney Marketing™ system ensures that all of our marketing efforts are fully compliant with the jurisdiction’s Bar rules and you will be able to review ALL content before it goes out.

How We’ll Support You:

  • Digital Marketing Management
    Oversee your integrated digital communications.
  • Business Development Management
    Ensure a highly-visible presence in the marketplace.
  • Content Writing
    Develop clear and powerful marketing content.
  • Search Marketing
    Manage your paid (SEM) and organic (SEO) search traffic.
  • Events Coordination
    Plan and execute speaking engagements and/or seminars.
  • Client Services
    Oversee lead conversion and client intake.