Digital Marketing.


Most lawyers do not have the time or resources to create an integrated marketing strategy, much less execute one. Seamless is dedicated to helping law firms reach the next level of peer recognition and excellence through our marketing services. Lawyers must understand the importance of achieving their goals through digital means.

The business of law changed over a decade ago and law firms are just starting to wake up. The days of mastering your practice area, doing a wonderful job for your clients, and then waiting for the phone to ring are over. In order to be competitive, law firms must have an intentional, professionally managed digital strategy. If not, they will be dominated by law firms that do.

The entire world has gone digital – banking, communications, practice management, electronic filings, reputation management, currency, networking – you name it! A comprehensive digital marketing strategy is at the heart of your success. Everything that makes you a successful lawyer is no exception. Your firm will not thrive without

Seamless thinks about your digital marketing strategically. This means we start with your firm’s long-term goals and align our digital plan with your firm’s strategic plan. Not having a

Seamless is the first. Call us today to discuss how we can help your firm get to the next level.

How We’ll Support You:

  • Management Systems
    Have you broken done all the processes for productivity, marketing, financial management, and client retention in your firm into metrics you can look at each week?
    Probably not. Contact us to discuss how we can transform your law practice into a profitable business machine.
  • Marketing Systems
    Call us to discuss how to hear more about how business development and digital marketing can change your firm when it is managed properly.
  • Accounting and Financial Management 
    Let’s talk about how we can get your collection rate over 95% and create a financial roadmap that quantifies your strategic goals. Are you measuring profitability effectively? We can help you figure it out.